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CSSC-AfyaMtandao launches video documentaries

CSSC-AfyaMtandao has produced video documentaries on AfyaPro System used by some health facilities in Lake Zone –Tanzania. Basically, AfyaPro is the ICT health solutions system designed to increase performance and help to build sustainable health facilities to better deliver health services to the community.


The roll out of the system to some Faith based health…


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Africa eHealth Solutions – Tanzania

Once the patient is received at the hospital, his / her information is fed into the electronic system, and thus enabling easy communication between Doctor’s room, laboratory and other places connected. Dr. Benjamin Rajab Clinician at Nyakahanga hospital

AfyaPro developed in Tanzania- is a system designed to simplify the availability and…


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Hospitals advised to embrace technology


HEALTH centres and hospitals in the country have been advised to transform from the old ways of collecting information from their patients and adopt new technology in a quest to increase data accuracy and effectiveness.

The Director of Education Services at Christian Social Services Commission Mr. Petro Masatu, made the call in Dar es…


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Future trends and data integration in health

Many eHealth and mHealth solutions have been developed and implemented in Tanzania in the past years. For example, women in rural areas received education on HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis. But how to move to a more integrated and less fragmented set of eHealth and mHealth solutions is still a challenge. eHealth is the use of new information and communication technologies (mobile,…


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Project partners to meet in Mwanza for innovation workshop

Project partners working in health with IICD and Cordaid in the Connect 4 Change program are expected to gather in Mwanza from 5 – 6 March 2015 to reflect and exchange experience on the ICT related issues. The discussion will mainly focus on ICT for health, education and economic aspect as milestone to explore more opportunities for intervention.

It is the…


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Video on Telemedicine use

CSSC-AfyaMtandao has produced a film documentary on the use of Telemedicine system at Haydom hospital in Manyara region. It shows the way how doctors apply this technology to help people of Manyara and other parts of Tanzania to access referral service. Furthermore, it tries to make a link between the application part of it and knowledge gained by…


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Telemedicine has been of great assistance at Haydom hospital- Dr. Naaman

Almost every day in the morning, I come here to observe the surrounding hospital.  Once I subscribe one of Haydom Satellite Dispensaries, I can immediately find out if somebody from anywhere has a question or if I have another house study or somebody has called in through my mobile phone seeking for assistance.  Therefore, I get here in the morning, I log in, once I come…


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20 ICT experts trained on AfyaPro system implementation

Afya Connect (4) Change Lake Zone (C4C) together with the International Institute of Communication and Development (IICD) a Dutch based organization conducted a ten days training of Health Management Information System (HMIS) for AfyaPro implementers, aiming at developing a community of implementers in Africa that is capable to work on Afya Pro and implement the system through…


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Development of AfyaPro system to health facilities in Lake Zone

It is obvious that data is important in any interventions undertaken, without proper data, there is limited data analysis which affects the quality of decisions made. For example, in the health sector without proper data keeping, the hospital fails to accurately supervise and account for all the revenue collected. Furthermore, a data driven facility is more responsive to the…


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Africa eHealth Solutions -Tanzania

Africa eHealth Solutions –Tanzania is a new entity established jointly by the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC), NPK Technologies and International Institute of Communication and Development (IICD) to roll out HMIS implementations especially the use of AfyaPro system in the other areas of Tanzania outside the Lake Zone. Presently, AfyaPro system is effectively used…


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CSSC supports Health facilities in Lake Zone

CSSC through ART program has recently supported 2979 dust bins and 1500 safety boxes to 322 facilities of Mwanza Region, Geita region and Rorya District in Mara region. The offering of these essential tools for health care workers was targeting a facility that offers Prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child as well as HIV Care and Treatment.

In an…


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Need to establish health PPP forums- Dr. Kahabi

In June 2014, CSSC in collaboration with Catholic Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam jointly conducted an exposure visit to Nyota ya Bahari health centre at Mkuranga District to assess the status of Public Private Partnership (PPP) implementation between Mkuranga District Council and Faith Based Organization (FBO)’s health facilities as the best way of improving more healthcare…


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More Stakeholders to involve in e-Learning Program

The Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) is planning to involve key education stakeholders in its upcoming programme of e-learning and e-content based on Science and Mathematics subjects which will be executed to some Church owned Secondary Schools in Tanzania. CSSC works together with STUDI International academy from Sweden in implementing this programme.…


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CSSC visits Education Facilities in Dar es Salaam

In July 2014, CSSC through Education Department has succeeded to visit 58 Education facilities owned by Churches in Dar es Salaam and Coastal regions as a part of identified issues related to education and learn experience from different schools. The tour was conducted to 20 Pre-primary schools, 19 Primary Schools, 16 Secondary Schools and 3 Vocational Training schools.…


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The Government recognises efforts of Faith Based Organizations (FBOs)

 The government is recognising the greatest support being undertaken by the Churches owned health facilities in delivering quality health services in Tanzania, such efforts have highly contributed on improving health services especially in remote areas”

This statement was made by Dr. Margaret Mhando the Director of Curative…


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PPP has created the window of opportunity to enhance partnership- Dr. Balati

In operationalize of Public Private Partnership (PPP), CSSC has managed to increase awareness of legal framework to government officials, owners and managers of the facilities through sensitization meetings, document dissemination as well as formation of the National, Regional and Council PPP Forums.

The CSSC Director of Health Services Dr. Josephine Balati…


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Need to advocate for e-health strategy-Prof. Pemba

It was informed that, there is a need for advocacy on e-Health strategy, intensifying e-learning among health workers and groom people in health informatics.The call was made recently by the Director of the Tanzania Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH), Prof. Senga Pemba in Bagamayo at a two days e-health for Sub-Saharan Africa workshop organized by Christian…


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CSSC wins SADC Gender Protocol Award

The Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) has won the National SADC Gender Protocol Awards in the category of Alliance and Coalition for the year of 2014 after presenting video documentary on outreach service towards maternal death reduction at the Gender summit held in Dar es Salaam.

This category include Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organizations and…


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Option B+ initiatives to curb new HIV infection

The prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child campaign was inaugurated by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya Kikwete in Dar es Salaam in 2012, CSSC in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is implementing the project, says Dr. Benedict Adrea, PMTCT focal person of the ART program.

Christian Social Services…


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Manages to mitigate many training challenges

The Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) in partnership with regional partners ­-Tanzania Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH), Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), the Health Promotion Tanzania (HDT) and Community Health Promotion Kenya (CHPK) and international partners (Hanzehoge school Groningen (HG) and the University of Groningen have been implementing a…


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