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Once the patient is received at the hospital, his / her information is fed into the electronic system, and thus enabling easy communication between Doctor’s room, laboratory and other places connected. Dr. Benjamin Rajab Clinician at Nyakahanga hospital

AfyaPro developed in Tanzania- is a system designed to simplify the availability and management of information obtained from the patients once they come for treatment.  Is a system that simplifies the working performance, generates the data needed and increases the Hospital’s income.  It also allows integrating mobile application, for appointments etc.

Africa eHealth Solutions-Tanzania is a new organization established jointly with Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC), NPK-Technologies and International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) to roll out the AfyaPro software in the health facilities in Tanzania for those who are interested.

With Africa eHealth Solutions-Tanzania we really want to boost the performance of all health facilities for who are interested. CSSC is dedicated to better health care. We have set up Africa eHealth Solutions-Tanzania as a social enterprise to make it service oriented; to provide the best to the clients and to assure sustainability. Nicolaas Moens Lead Advisor Health of IICD

All these efforts to ensure that AfyaPro becomes effective so as to be used by many Health facilities in Tanzania, is also being supported by IICD, who is the key partner in terms of development and it has been in the forefront to support and capacitate the system implementers as well as to initiate Africa eHealth Solutions-Tanzania. The ultimate goal is not only to implement AfyaPro, but to assure support, change management and improved use of data in the health sector. IICD is internationally in the fore front of advanced, but simple and robust data solutions in Africa. This means technology but also coaching on how to use the data that is generated.

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