CSSC-AfyaMtandao launches video documentaries

CSSC-AfyaMtandao has produced video documentaries on AfyaPro System used by some health facilities in Lake Zone –Tanzania. Basically, AfyaPro is the ICT health solutions system designed to increase performance and help to build sustainable health facilities to better deliver health services to the community.


The roll out of the system to some Faith based health facilities and government in Lake Zone has increased data accuracy and effectiveness of intervention, accountability and improved tracking of health trends in those particular facilities. Information on patient registrations, diagnoses, treatments, lab tests, billing and pharmacy records are being digitalized.


In particular, the system has supported much Nyakahanga hospital in term of income generation, workforce retention and data improvement. The adaption of the system during a short period of time has influenced transformation of staff, management and eventually the hospital in general. It is a success story for others to learn and duplicate the innovation. Videos produced include the use of AfyaPro at Nyakahanga hospital, Africa eHealth Solution- Tanzania, AfyaPro system at Songambele Health Centre and Africa eHealth solution-International. The purpose of producing these videos is to increase awareness on Africa eHealth solutions.



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