About AfyaMtandao

AfyaMtandao is a network in Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC), an Umbrella Organization of church institutions. It was established in 2008 to facilitate the provision of health services in Tanzania through the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). AfyaMtandao focuses on Health Knowledge Sharing, and ICT support services for health institutions.

Health workers in Tanzania experience difficulties in accessing and sharing health-related information.The use of ICT can increase the access to this information, improving the efficiency and effectiveness health care delivery. AfyaMtandao promotes the use of ICT in the health sector, by providing a knowledge sharing platform for health workers, raising awareness on ICT for Health, and by providing ICT support services for health institutions.

Membership of AfyaMtandao is open to all health workers in Tanzania, but also to other stakeholders in the health sector, like government bodies, NGO's and special programmes in the field of Health (HIV/AIDS), Malaria etc. Members will pay an annual membership fee, coupled to the services provided. It covers the whole of Tanzania, starting with Lake Zone area.

AfyaMtandao's main objectives are to:

  • Set up a network- create an organizational nucleus around which members can exchange knowledge, share experiences and innovate ICT in the field of health care delivery in Tanzania.
  • To assure timely and effective technical ICT support to its members through local training of staff members and ICT support service providers and stimulate the development of a pool of consultants. Additional options are distance trouble-shooting, sub contracting of local technical advisers if desired by the members.
  • Build online communities- Build and develop health professional's online communities around areas like Telemedicine, health management information systems and e-learning.
  • Undertake development projects, including studies, research, training and consultancies in all areas of Health including Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), Telemedicine, eLearning and Continuous Professional Development for health workers. These activities should contribute to the sustainability of the overhead of AfyaMtandao, contribute to AfyaMtandao knowledge sharing and AfyaMtandao ICT support services.

AfyaMtandao also supports CSSC advocacy work and other projects that are supported by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) through documenting lessons learnt (like film documentation), and facilitation of workshops. 

Afyamtandao also facilitates a Dgroup:  this is a mailing list for health workers/Stakeholders, where information is shared about ICT for health in Tanzania. Anyone is free to send information to the group after they have been registered.This is ALSO a platform to discuss any specific topic about ICT for health in Tanzania, for instance Telemedicine, elearning, Health Management Information System (HMIS) etc. You can write in Kiswahili or English.

Christian Social Services Commission 

AfyaMtandao AfyaMtandao 

Plot No 4. Ali Hassan Mwinyi Rd, 

POBOX 9433

Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Telephone No. + 255 2135070 / 2112918 / 2123730 

Fax + 255 22 2118552

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